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Wooden Barrel Sauna, an original garden feature

Wooden Barrel Sauna, an original garden feature

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Let yourself be charmed by a wooden barrel sauna based on the same manufacturing concept as the Nordic baths. Enter a natural cocoon in which you can reconnect with nature. Størvatt outdoor wooden barrel saunas are perfect havens of peace! Also known as barrel saunas, Finnish barrel saunas and Swedish saunas, they can accommodate up to 8 people and come in a variety of sizes.

They are reliable, safe and easy to install!

The benefits of saunas have been known since the dawn of time. The heat releases endorphins in the body, helping to relieve stress and feel relaxed. In the sauna, the pores dilate to purify and deeply cleanse the skin.

Red cedar manufactured

Wooden barrel sauna made from red cedar: Premium quality without knots

Red cedar, the most popular type of cladding timber on the market, is a top-of-the-range material used to produce Størvatt barrel saunas. Red Cedar is the ideal material for outdoor saunas because it requires no maintenance and is extremely hard-wearing.

Our wooden barrel sauna guarantees

100% French

5-year guarantee

Top-of-the-range stove

Our outdoor wooden barrel saunas

We have 4 sauna models: Capped sauna, Traditional sauna with alcove, the XL sauna for professionals, Vision Sauna for a panoramic view.




Why not let yourself be tempted by this original outdoor wooden barrel sauna for a moment of Scandinavian delight? 

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