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Les Ecotagnes, Villars sur Thones, cabane dans les arbres et chambres d'hotes

Størvatt is more than a hot tub; it is a state of mind, a mentality, a special pleasure.

It is the end of the week, night has begun to fall, the bath is full and you start the fire in the wood-fired heater. Kindling to start the fire, then when the wood starts to crackle, you add a couple of logs and put the cover back on the heater. Immediately, you can hear the fire in the heater begin to hum. The draught begins to pull in air instantly. After a couple of minutes, a bit of steam begins to rise from the water, accompanied by the delicious fragrance of cedar. After an hour or two the bath is at the perfect temperature of 39°C. The rest of the family, now impatient, crosses the garden to the bath. You immerse yourself immediately; the sensation is unique. Warmth and well-being overwhelm you. With your shoulders submerged, your body lightens, and the heat allows your muscles to relax. The only sound is the crackling of the wood fire…


With family or friends

storvatt-convivialite Discover the pleasure of a relaxing hot bath outdoors in the snow, the sunshine, or under the stars. The Norwegian bath adds a new dimension to your leisure time. In the evening after a good meal, share this moment of relaxation with friends or family. The unique experience will live on in their memories.


Without a doubt the biggest fans of the Nordic bath, they are capable of staying in the Størvatt for hours! The hardest part is getting them out of the water!


Red Cedar, an exceptional type of wood

Naturally rot-proof, Red Cedar requires no maintenance. With time it changes colour and takes on a silver-grey hue. Only the finest grain knotless heartwood is used. We only use the highest quality wood, ensuring durability and stability in all conditions.

The heater, the product of 15 years of development

The patented aluminium Størvatt heater has evolved continuously over time. Over the years we have made numerous improvements and reinforcements, eliminating any risk of deformation. The cast aluminium lid offers robustness and aesthetics, and will not warp. The vented stainless steel handle allows for risk-free handling.

Stainless steel hoops

bloc_6_bThree stainless steel hoops provide perfect tightening of the assembly. A system of stainless steel couplers allows for adjustments in the tension. The robustness of the hoops makes it possible to offer a lifetime guarantee for damage from freezing.