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The height of comfort

The Skimmer portable filter for Nordic baths can be used whenever the water needs to be filtered. Just hook the filter to the edge of the tub with the clamp and remove the filter before getting into the tub.

The filter uses very little electricity, is silent, and there is no risk of it freezing in the winter. It ships with an extra filter cartridge. Your tub remains totally independent and does not require any kind of additional equipment.

There is no bad weather, there is only bad equipment
French proverb
  • Filtration rate: 3.8 M³/ H Filtration rate: 3.8 M³/ H
  • Highly energy efficient (70 w) Highly energy efficient (70 w)
  • Specially designed attachment clamp Specially designed attachment clamp
  • cartridge lifespan: 1year cartridge lifespan: 1year

Complete portable skimmer filter

From 225 €

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