• Built with 1st choice, knotless red cedar 100% Made in France
  • 100% French
  • Five-year warranty
  • Guaranteed for life against damage from freezing (excluding filtration system)
Nordic bath

Plunge into the STØRVATT universe

Nordic bath

Sensory adventure

Ideal for use in urban areas, the electric Størvatt is entirely automated. The red cedar bath is equipped with an electric water heater and features a continuous filtration system.

This model offers the pleasures of an outdoor hot tub, without the noise of bubbles. The tub is different from a Jacuzzi, and is more in the spirit of an Ofuro, Onsens, Rotenburo or other Japanese bath.

Included accessories: thermometer, solid wood footstool and shelf, solid wood or insulated cover..

The journey is a return to the essential
Tibetan proverb
  • Diameter : 150 cm / 180 cm / 210 cm / 240 cm Diameter : 150 cm / 180 cm / 210 cm / 240 cm
  • 3kw to 9kw electric heater 3kw to 9kw electric heater
  • 10 M³/hour circulation pump and filtration system 10 M³/hour circulation pump and filtration system
  • Solid wood footstool and shelf Solid wood footstool and shelf

Complete Electric Størvatt

From 8 200 €

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  • storvatt-mazot-charme-bain-nordique-neige-jardin

    Le Mazot de charme 1828

    “A one of a kind atmosphere for enjoying a unique experience and re-energising!”

Technical specifications

Dimensions Capacity People Weight when empty
150 x ht 90 cm 1.2 m3 3 / 4 220 kg
180 x ht 90 cm 1.75 m3 5 / 6 260 kg
210 x ht 90 cm 2.4 m3 6 / 8 285 kg
Available heights : 90 cm - 105 cm - 120 cm
  • Filled with a simple garden hose
  • Electrical heating, directly linked to the grid
  • Portable filtration
  • Practical and simple to empty
Complete Electric Størvatt

The Electric Størvatt is also for commercial use

Filtering, hygiene, installation :
all of our products meet standards for commercial use.

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Delivery and installation

Størvatt delivers to ALL OF FRANCE and SWITZERLAND and carries out the installation

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