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What is the difference between a Størvatt and a Jacuzzi?

Wood: it offers the sensuality of a noble material, no plastic here. Comfort: A Størvatt is deeper than a Jacuzzi, so the feeling of weightlessness is greater. Silence: a Jacuzzi’s machinery and numerous jets make it very noisy, even more so because your ears are just above water level. In a Størvatt, you can relax to the sound of a crackling fire. A Størvatt requires no particular maintenance, while a Jacuzzi requires substantial upkeep. And there is nothing to break: no pump, no electrical or mechanical equipment. And no risk of damage due to freezing.

How long does a Størvatt last?

Our oldest tub lasted 18 years. It was probably the oldest Nordic bath in Europe. We took it apart not long ago. It never leaked. The veins of the wood were sculpted by the weather, and all the outer surfaces had a silver-grey patina. We cut a plank in half and could see that ½ mm of the outer wood had turned grey, while on the inside it was like new.


Nordic bath filtration

There are two types of filters: Sand filters, which are rather bulky, should be installed indoors because they are difficult to protect from freezing. On the other hand, they are easy to maintain; you just need to turn the lever to switch to backwash mode. This system is mandatory for establishments that are open to the public. Cartridge filters are small and can be easily installed in a storage compartment. They can be easily protected from freezing. The system is delivered with two cartridges. A correctly maintained cartridge can last several years. We do not sell one-piece systems that use a small pump and sponge or similar type of filter. These inexpensive systems are ineffective and of mediocre quality.


Can you install the Størvatt at my home if I don’t wish to install it myself?

We can deliver and install the Størvatt at your home. The cost will depend on your geographic location. The surface on which the tub will sit must be ready before the installation. Otherwise, we can assemble the tub at a temporary location, and once the permanent site is ready you can move the tub very easily with the help of a couple of people. In general, we ship the tub entirely assembled and upon delivery it just needs to be placed at the desired location.


Can you leave the Størvatt empty?

Yes, the Størvatt can remain empty. We have installed tubs at many second homes that are occupied one or two months out of the year. The rest of the year the tub remains empty.

What happens if water freezes in the bath?

Nothing. The water can freeze entirely without causing any damage to the bath or the wood-fired heater. With Størvatt you have an unlimited warranty against damage caused by freezing.

Water use

Several solutions: 1) Without treatment or filtration you can use the same water over a weekend but no longer. 2) With filtration and active oxygen treatment, you can keep the water for much longer. The amount of time depends on the frequency of use. 3) For public establishments, continuous treatment and filtration is required. Contact us to learn about the different possible solutions.