Indulge in a timeless and extraordinary sensory experience.

The spirit of adventure

  • There’s no arguing with the fact that we are all in a hurry; life moves too fast. Who doesn’t dream of having more time for themselves, for others, for friends and family?

    Who doesn’t dream of time to enjoy life a little more?
  • The Størvatt philosophy is about meeting our need for a pause in life. “Carpe Diem”: better to feel remorse for what you have done than regret for what you haven’t.
  • Størvatt: machines for travelling through time and space.

    Settle into a sauna, a Nordic bath, or a wooden spa. Whatever the occasion, it’s an intense experience, whether it’s a day with a loved one, at dusk with family, or an evening among friends. Every moment is unique.
  • Turn out the lights, forget the telephones, tablets, and computers, light a couple of candles, and be enchanted by the pleasant crackling and smell of a wood fire, the perfume of red cedar… and the silence.

    Relax, talk, be together, and feel content.
Inner journeys, free from time and space, are the most remarkable ones.
Henning Mankell

A little history

  • Størvatt has been a pioneer in the construction of Nordic baths in Europe since 1997, but it was in Alaska that the brand’s founder first discovered the merits of this type of hot tub.
  • He quickly set up a workshop in Megève, a sought-after and strategic geographic location. Numerous well-known hotels have since adopted the Størvatt Nordic bath, including the Fermes de Marie, the Mont Arbois chalet hotel, and also the Blizzard in Val d’Isère.

Flawless Quality

  • What makes Størvatt superior?

    Savoir-faire and high standards developed over the course of years of experience, and a mastery of working with red cedar, a type of wood with a variety of excellent qualities, including exceptional durability.
  • Made in the Alps !

    In the interest of providing made-to-measure products, all aspects of the manufacturing process are carried out in France, in the heart of the Alps.
  • Take a close look at a Størvatt product and you’ll notice the brand’s obsession with quality. The solid wood parts are assembled with utmost precision, the metal hoops are made of bent and threaded solid stainless steel, and the wood is sanded down to a fine grain for a soft texture.

    Størvatt has risen to the challenge of blending function and aesthetics!

Solid Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar


A noble material, robust and durable

Free of knots, very fine grain

A subtle perfume that intensifies in the presence of heat.
A distinctive, naturally vibrant colour.

Does not warp (good dimensional stability)
Excellent thermal insulation
High durability
PEFC certified wood

3 product ranges

to let you get away from it all in the heart of your own garden.
  • Visit our showroom

Visit our showroom

See our showroom

Come visit us to get a true idea of how our Nordic baths, and wooden spas and saunas are used.


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